How to set up your ark cluster and allow/disallow transfers and change map

  1. Login to Game Panel
  2. Select your Ark Server
  3. Click Stop
  4. Click Command Line Manager on the left hand side
  5. Select option your option best suited for you (Clustered Vanilla or Clustered + Mod Manager) (Clustered + Mod Manager is no longer needed if you are pulling mods directly from the steam workshop but you can still use this setup)
  6. Enter a unique cluster id for example the cluster id will be hyperlayer123 for each ark server that you want part of the cluster will have the id hyperlayer123 (you can name your id anything you want just make it easy to remember)
  7. Click Save

Do the same for  your second, third, forth etc. ark server which you would like to add to your  cluster

*Please note that the cluster id must match on all Ark Servers to be clustered together.


Now that clustering is enabled on your server you may need to tweak your settings to allow items / characters and dino's to travel between maps

  1. Head over to your Ark server in the Game Panel
  2. Make sure you server is still stopped
  3. Click Configuration Files on the left and side
  4. Click Configuration Editor on GameUserSettings.ini
  5. Look for the heading Tribute/Upload/Download Cluster Settings
  6. Tick the check boxes that you would like to set and adjust sliders and values if you would like to
  7. Click Save
  8. Now start up your server for the new settings to take effect
  9. repeat the same process for all your other servers in the cluster
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